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23 July, 2014

Sainsbury's launches 10p off per litre promotion

Sainsbury’s has announced that from tomorrow, Thursday 24th July until Wednesday 30th July, customers who spend £60 or more will receive a voucher entitling them to 10p off per litre of fuel when they fill up at one of the retailer’s 294 forecourts.

The owner of Top 50 Indie Motor Fuels Group (MFG) is in talks to buy more than 225 Murco filling stations put up for sale by their US owner Murphy Oil.

Elgin-based Gleaners Oils is planning to expand further into the south of Scotland and north of England as a new generation takes charge of the family owned business.

A gang which included a town councillor and a pensioner was jailed for a total of 19 years for evading an estimated £4.3m in duty and tax through a sophisticated fuel and VAT fraud, following an investigation by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).



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Just outside Windermere, on the A591, is the small village of Ings and my target its service station. The forecourt and shop are co-located and part of a large area that also includes a significant parking area, a restaurant/motel (now closed and boarded up) and one of The Lakeland Motorhome Centres. The entrance to the motorhome showroom is right next to the forecourt shop.

Choices, choices

If you have nine shops and you are in the Top 50 Indies you are already a success by anyone's standards. But it never stops there you are always looking to improve. Intake Developments, an up-and-coming chain of forecourts, all Jet sites, has shops ranging in size from 500-1,850sq ft.

While many people are off enjoying their summer holidays, July and August see many accounting professionals wishing that they could extend theirs indefinitely rather than going back to the office and trying to sort out the latest 'jumble in a shoe box' that some of their clients hand to them as part of their year-end records.

I would like to be able to say that my day starts with a five-mile run or a visit to the gym, but sadly it doesn't! When the alarm goes off at around 6.30am, breakfast consists of cereal or toast and a cup of tea always tea.

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