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28 January, 2015

Minister urges oil companies to do more on prices

A Government minister has defended supermarkets over charges they are killing off competition in order to profiteer, but has warned oil companies she expects them to do more to keep prices down.

The Government has caused uproar among tobacco companies and trade associations with its confirmation that a vote on the introduction of standardised tobacco packaging will take place before Parliament breaks ahead of the General Election.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched a consultation after MFG came up with a proposal to address competition concerns over its acquisition of Murco’s retail business.

Leaders of the LPG industry have called on Government to promote use of their fuel at an event at the Houses of Parliament.



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Paul and Pinda Cheema are well known in the convenience store sector as award-winning retailers. Last year was a significant one for them they purchased their first service station, left Costcutter and agreed a partnership with Nisa.

You're not paranoid they ARE out to get you

Happy New Year and all that. I wish you a bright, shiny start. But some things never change. This very minute someone will be trying to scam somebody in the forecourt world. The one doing the rounds just before Christmas was fake £5 vouchers 'redeemable' against JTI tobacco brands Benson & Hedges, Silk Cut, Old Holborn, Hamlet and so forth.

It seemed that many consumer spokespersons and media commentators were in a state of glee with each seemingly daily fall in the price of oil in the closing weeks of 2014. At times there was an almost vicious element to some of the pieces; some celebrating the oil industry getting its comeuppance for causing years of misery, others insisting that because the price of Brent Crude had dropped from $130 to around $60 per barrel, petrol prices still hadn't fallen far enough, fast enough. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the media coverage was written by people who have no idea how any industry actually works, and wouldn't know what a barrel of Brent Crude was even if you tipped one over them.

I aim to be up each working morning at 5.15am in readiness for Boot Camp at 6am. It's part of a new health regime there's also a personal trainer to keep the pressure on!

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